Blogtember Day #30- Work Primark Haul!!



For the last day of September, I went shopping to get some more clothes for work (I barely have any)! Sorry if it’s not very exciting but some bits are lovely and autumn-y so stay tuned! 

Okay, so this first item is not for work (great start, Em) but I just had to get it. It’s a really cosy and soft jumper with Beauty and the Beast embroidered characters. £15, so not the cheapest thing Primark has ever sold, but cute and kinda worth it. 

Next is a very un-exciting black pencil skirt. It’s kind of a t-shirt material so it’s stretchy, which makes it a lot easier to move about in, hopefully! This one was £5 and goes with everything, right?

Staying with the bottom half, I picked up a pair of navy blue cropped smart/work trousers. They’re a lovely fit and look smart for work, so you can’t really go wrong. And thy have pockets- hurrah!!

I was, at first, disgusted with the very notion of roll-neck jumpers in Primark. I actually picked this one up by accident and threw it back down in disgrace. However, I thought about it for a bit and thought how lovely it would look with a scarf and a pair of loose fitting trousers, like the ones above, for work. So I went for it. I’ve yet to try it out in the work environment and get a teenager’s verdict, but I like it. 

I absolutely love this shirt, but again, I don’t know how it’ll work in practice just yet. It’s such a lovely baby pink shade with a breast pocket and pearls sewn onto the collar. Simple and so cute. And only £5!

Can you ever have too many scarfs for work in the winter? I literally live in them. This one is soooo cute. It’s a navy blue with gold stars all over it. I am in love with it. And it looks so expensive! £4. 

Okay, so these next two aren’t from Primark, but I thought I’d share them with you anyway. They’re the same style (I actually already have a beige one), one is yellow and one is bright orange. 

They’re from H&M and only £8.99, but they’re such a lovely fit. I wore one to work yesterday and got so many compliments! And the colours are so so so lovely for autumn! I’m kind of happy Halloween is on a work day, so I can wear the orange one then! 🙂 
Hope you enjoyed this post, and all of my posts throughout Blogtember! I’m sad to be seeing Blogtember coming to an end, but it’s just got me more excited about Blogmas!!! Obviously I’ll be posting before then, so stay tuned and in touch! Thank you for all your support, reads, likes and comments throughout the month- love you lots!



Blogtember Day #27- The Dentist!!



Sorry for this short blog post today. I have been to the dentist and am currently dying (slight exaggeration). Okay, so on Boxing Day, yes, that long ago, I managed to fracture my tooth on a potato wedge. And since then I’ve visited the dentist five times!! They haven’t managed to fix it and now I’m going through the process of having a crown fitted! Fingers crossed this’ll work and I’ll be able to eat nice crunchy things again on both sides of my mouth…. the dream!

Anyway, my mouth and face is currently numb and swollen and I look like a dribbling mess. The anaesthetic I’ve been given is so strong I just want to sleep…. so that’s what I’m going to do. 

Good night! 



P.s. Here’s a pic of me from yesterday when my face was of normal proportions. 

Blogtember Day #26- 10 Things That Make Me Happy!



I’m a big believer in reminding yourself of the good things in your life. So I’m going to share the ten things that make me super happy. I’d love to hear your’s too!
1) Early nights and cosy TV shows. 

I’m a very tired person. Generally. I am usually in bed by 9pm and falling asleep with the TV on after ten minutes. I love to put a familiar show on to fall asleep to. These currently include Outnumbered, Miranda, Gavin & Stacey and Horrible Histories! Ha!
2) My cat.

I love my little baby. She’s called Roxy and she’s 12 years old. We’ve had her since I was 12 so she’s a huge part of my life. I couldn’t be without her.
3) My job.

As much as I loooove to moan about work, I actually love my job. Working with children and young people means that life is never dull and every day is different. That’s for sure.
4) My wonderful friends. 

I take my friends for granted a lot and I’m awful at that. But lately I’ve been having some tough times and I’ve realised how much I bloody love my friends. Especially my bestie Katie and the wonderful Bethany (
5) Make up.

It sounds super shallow, right? Thing is, I’m not actually a huuuuge make up wearer, but I enjoy experimenting and watching tutorials of how to get different looks. It’s just a bit of fun!
6) House plants. 

If your house plants don’t have names, do you even own house plants?
7) Books!!

I am one of those people who read their favourite book so many times that it’s falling apart. My taste in books so so diverse, you wouldn’t even believe me. My two faves are To Kill A Mockingbird and The Wind in the Willows. I also love teen fiction (Looking For Alaska is fave), and I’m also a member of the folio society for Samuel Pepyes’ diaries. See, told you you wouldn’t believe me. Also love a good non-fiction Brian Cox number, a screen play, or even a Shakespeare play. I mean, give me your car instruction manual and I’ll read it.
8) Christmas!!

So I always say that after my birthday, Christmas begins! And, as you know, my birthday was three days ago so Christmas is now in full swing.
9) Music. 

Music makes everything better, right? Again, diverse taste. Let’s just say from Joy Division to One Direction and leave it at that, shall we?
10) Bullet Journalling. 

As you may have seen from my previous bu-jo post, I’m a journaller and thrive in all things stationary and washi tape.

Hope you liked reading about the things that make me happy. I’d love to hear your’s- comment below 🙂



Blogtember Day #24- What Did I Get For My Birthday?



I’ve literally had the most wonderful weekend celebrating my 23rd birthday. I thought it’d be nice to share with you some of the gifts I recieved from friends and family, and also things I treated myself to. (Y’know, it’s my birthday- treat yo self!)

1) Too Faced Sweet Peach palette! 

I’m so happy I’ve finally got my hands on this. My grandparents got this for me, and I believe it came from Debenhams. It’s so exciting that they’re stocking this in the UK in Debs. If you haven’t grabbed yourself one yet, quick!!!! I’m definitely going to do a post containing my fave looks from the palette. However, I’m really stumped for look ideas, so if anyone knows of any blogs or vlogs using this palette for tutorials, please share!

 2) Morphe Fall into The Frost 35F palette

Again, such a beaut, and I’m so excited to try it out! But again, have no idea which colours to combine for certain looks so please share ideas!! This gift came from my parents. It was £23 from Cult Beauty… 🙂
3) Too Faced Face Palette

I haven’t actually recieved this one yet, but my mum gave me some money to buy it. I’m heading into debenhams tomorrow to pick it up. I’m so excited to try this out as I’m soooooo fed up with using my old highlighter and contour palette that doesn’t match my skin tone!!!!! Not long now! 😩
4) H&M jacket

So my parents gave me money to spend in town so I got this jacket ready for autumn/winter. I absolutely love this jacket. It’s suede and fluffy and heavy but super cute and fits so well. Perfect snuggly winter jacket!
5) The Killers new album on vinyl

Annnnd pink vinyl at that!! My best friend gave me a Love to Shop voucher, which can be redeemed in HMV… so, obviously, I just had to treat myself to my favourite band’s new album in pink. 

6) Boots

These little ankle boots are from Primark and only cost £10, but how beaut???? They remind me of a Harry Styles suit….
7) My sister and her fiancé bought me a Waterstone’s voucher (which I’m going to spend on the new John Green book when it comes out). They also bought me a Mrs Potts money box… you know, those pesky ones no one could ever find. So glad I finally have one!

8) Friends’ gifts

I’ve also recieved some wonderful gifts from my amazing friends. These range from mugs, journals, shark necklaces (YES I KNOW), Stephen Hawkin socks (YUP), scarfs, more jewellery, wine and chocolate (wooo!)

I have the best friends and family and I’m so lucky to have had such a wonderful birthday. I hope you realise I’m not trying to show off with what I got, but I thought it’d just be nice to share…

Hope you enjoyed!



A Long Weekend in Switzerland for Under £300!


Switzerland for Under £300? Sounds impossible, right? Switzerland is famous for being one of the most expensive countries in Europe. So how could anyone possibly spend three nights in one of it’s biggest cities, travel around AND still have money to spare? Well, lucky for you, it can be done, and all while not having to survive on McDonald’s for four days! (Tbf I deffo did eat in there…)Back in February 2016, my friend and I decide to take a little city break together. I had never been abroad with a friend before, so the idea was quite daunting, but exciting. After hours of trawling through Expedia in Pizza Hut, we settled on Geneva, though neither of us actually knew where it was. After eventually discovering it was Switzerland, we were super excited and began to research all we could about the country… I have to admit, I knew very little about Switzerland. But our research was looking promising, it all looked great. Except for one thing. The prices of everything in Switzerland.

“Oooh, you don’t want to go there. A meal costs three times as much,” people were saying. I even read in a guidebook that you’re not allowed to walk around the streets of Geneva with no money on you- what?! I was beginning to panic. My friend and I were only students. But the price of the flight and the hotel seemed reasonable. It couldn’t be that bad, could it?

Expedia’s price for the return flights from Bristol to Geneva, along with a hotel in the city centre were coming in at £160 each. Bargain, right? So we booked. As quick as we could. But, oh. Our hotel, it turned out, was in the red light district. Many Trip Advisor reviews told us that we’d be fine. As long as we were back at the hotel by sundown. What have we let ourselves in for? Was our main thought for many days and weeks to come.

With all the scaremongering, I’d over-prepared, and ordered over £500 worth of Swiss francs (NOT EUROS- which confuses a lot of people.) We set off on our super early Easy Jet flight, landing in snowy Geneva just in time for breakfast. I’d like to tell you that catching the train from the airport to the city centre’s main station, Genève, was easy. It was not. For future reference, the train station, although attached to the airport, is not actually sign posted throughout arrivals; this is where my messy French came into practice. Eventually we managed to find it, and the correct train, with the help of some English people (whoops!!). The 30 minute train ride cost just £8. One of the best things about out hotel was the travel pass. A lot of Geneva hotels offer a free travel pass which is included in the price of the room. It covers travel on all trains, buses and boats on the lake, within the city, and is valid for the entire length of your stay. So once we paid for the one train to the hotel, we had all other city travel for free.

Once we’d arrived into the centre of Geneva, our hotel was super easy to find. The centre of Geneva is actually really tiny and I’d barely call it a city. It’s a really well-organised and tidy place with everything in walking distance.

Okay, so the red light district. Out hotel was sat slap-bang right in the middle of it. But, honestly, if I hadn’t read that Trip Advisor post (and if my Instagram location didn’t say ‘Geneva Red Light District’, I would’ve had no idea. It was quiet and clean and classy. The Swiss really know how to do it. Everywhere seemed high-end, nowhere seemed unsafe or a bit dodgy.

On the first night, we were cream crackered. We went for a little stroll to survey our surroundings and happened upon a cute little restaurant, again, in the red light district. They advertised pizza for 9 francs (about £6.80) and they smelt delicious! They did not disappoint. The restaurant was lovely, as were the staff, and the food, and we felt so welcome and safe there. Such a perfect start to the long weekend.

Saturday, and having revitalised after a great night’s sleep and the hotel’s breakfast (which was included in the price), we decided to explore Geneva city a bit more. Crossing a bridge over the lake, we found ourselves in the main shopping district of the town. And the shops there are incredible. Gucci, Givenchy, Prada- you name it, they’ve got it. Of course, if you’re armed with a little bit more spending money, then you can go absolutely spend-crazy there. But seeing as we’re trying to keep it low budget (and I was) AVOID AVOID AVOID. However, I couldn’t resist Zara and a teeny bit of Swiss skincare products. That day, we lunched on paninis and hot drinks from that well-known Starbucks. And in the afternoon, we explored the lake. However, it started to get freezing cold later on, so we promptly retreated to our hotel and we’re sat on our cosy beds watching Moomins with (sorry) a McDonald’s meal from down the road (we like our home comforts)!

Sunday was our adventure day, and after another great hotel breakfast, we headed to the train station (Genève). We bought return tickets to a place called Montreux, which is on the opposite side of lake Geneva to Geneva. The train journey lasted for about an hour and followed the northern lake-side all the way. Out one window was the beautiful blue lake, and out the other were the snowy Swiss Alps. The return ticket cost 60 Swiss francs (£48); we had to pay for this ticket as we were travelling outside of the city. The ticket price came in at quite a chunk of the budget, but worth it. (*Disclaimer*- donning do what I did and lose your ticket, as you’ll have to pay 30 francs for a new one for the journey home…)

Montreux was honestly the most beautiful place I’ve ever been and I can safely say I will definitely be back one day. My friend and I are huge Queen fans so we went to visit the Freddie Mercury statue and do the Queen studio tour, which was free but has a suggested donation of 10 francs (£8), which we paid between us. We ate lunch in a little lake-side café which came to 12 franc each (£9.60). Apart from having to buy my ticket again, it was a very cheap day, even though it was quite an adventure and a long way out of Geneva.

Monday, and our last day. We decided to make use of the hotel facilities, so we put on our bikinis and spent most of the morning in the sauna before heading to the airport at around midday. We were able to use of travel cards for the train back to the airport too! We are lunch on the plane… a £5 Croque Monsieur and a coke.

And that was the end of our Swiss adventure. It was wonderful and chilled and cold, but that’s what I loved about it. As well as it’s class and beauty.

So, the moral of the story is, it is a myth that everything in Switzerland will cost you a fortune. It’s simply not true. It can be done on a reasonable budget, and without feeling feeling like you’re skimping on anything. Here’s the maths-y bit.

Flights/hotel- £160pp

Food on flight- £5

Train to hotel- £8

Pizza- £6.80

Starbucks- £7

McDonald’s- £10

Train to Montreux- £48

Queen Studio Experience donation- £8

Lunch in Montreux café- £9.60

Lunch on plane- £5

Total per person- £267.40.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Swiss experience and it has encouraged you to give this country, that you may not have necessarily considered, a go!

Au revouir!



What’s In My Travel Make Up Bag?



A few weeks ago, my family and I went away for a few days to Startford-Upon-Avon. I realised that, although I don’t go on many holidays abroad, a travel the UK quite a lot and stay away for just a few nights at a time. Going away from home for one or two nights can be a challenge when deciding what size bag to use, what to take with you, and what make-up to pack! 

I’m going to share with you the things I decide to put into my make up bag when travelling for a few days/nights at a time. You don’t want to haul around your entire make up collection with you, but you still need the essentials, BUT WHAT ARE THE ESSENTIALS I hear you cry! Well, these are mine…

Firstly, I take a different make up bag with me, as my usual one is much too big. I’ve got this cute little Beauty & the Beast one which came from Primark. It’s the medium size one. 

Foundation. I take my daily-use drugstore Rommel foundation with me, as I don’t want to take more than one bottle with me, and I don’t usually need my ‘going-out’ foundation. This Rimmel one covered all basis when you’re packing light. 🙂

Concealer. Obviously I need to take a concealer! I sometimes put this little Collection one in my handbag when I’m away, because I may be out for a long time and might not have a ‘base’ to get back to to reapply a full face of make up. 

Highlight and Contour. I have this duo highlight and contour palette by Collection. But I think if I didn’t have this compact little palette then I probably wouldn’t take any highlight or contour as it’s not really an essential (shhhh!)

Blusher. Gotta add some definition to your face, wherever you are! This is just a tiny little ‘natural collection’ blusher- my go-to!

Mascara. I tend to pack my Natural Collection waterproof mascara when I’m going away just because it’s not as full-on as my usual Rimmel false lash one. Also, if you’re caught in the rain, it’s not going to be running down your face! 

Eye liner. Sometimes I will pack my Soap and Glory liquid eyeliner because it’s a good substitute for eye shadow! I’ll also pack a simple pencil eye liner that I use on my lower lash-line. Simple and every-day but gives a good effect and a smokey eye look. 

Brow powder. Instead of taking my brow gel or pencil, a brow powder is a much more simple way to go. This is a Collection pressed one in a tiny little pot. 

Brushes. I will usually only pack a little wedge sponge for foundation and concealer application, a big brush for highlight and contour and a small angled brush for brow powder. Simple! 

I will sometimes pack a little eye shadow palette, but only if I know I will be going out or if it’s an essential, but usually it’s not and the liquid eye liner is enough. 

Hope you enjoyed this post, I’d love to know what you pack in your travel make up bag!

Emily xoxox

Ask Me Anything: Q&A!

Blog, Q&A


So I’m fairly new to this blog thing, but I’ve managed to reach 50 followers 🙂 

I’d absolutely love to do a Q&A for you guys, if you have anything at all to ask me! I know a few of you wanted to know a bit more about my make-up collection and skin care routine, so I have a few of your questions already…

But if there’s anything else, let me know and I’ll get the post up by Friday (that’s two days to get your questions in, ppl!)

You can leave questions in the comments here, or on Facebook ( or tweet me (@EMILY4EVEREVER) or instagram me (prettyvisitors_) 

All the love,