September 2017- Life Update. 


Happy Sunday!

I realised today that it’s been a while since I did a lil but of an update for you. So what’s going on in my life?

  • I’m going back to work tomorrow!!!! After six weeks off (I work in a school) it’s my last day of the summer holiday (*cries*)!! However, last term I got promoted! I will be stepping up into my new role as a ‘Medical’ Teaching Assistant… I’m a little nervous but I did start to work a little bit in this role in the last few weeks of July so it’s not too daunting. 
  • Career change?? Already? So, I just said that I’m about to be starting a new job, but I’m already into the next thing! Thing is, I have a creative writing degree and it would be my DREAM to write for a living. So, I’m trying to make that happen. I’ve joined People Per Hour and I’m going to try and get my name out there as a freelancer and, the goal is to, work from home one day!
  • Anxiety! I have only had two panic attacks since beginning on holiday, and that’s super good for me! However, I am starting to worry that going back to work will trigger them again. Obviously being off from work has been good for me. Maybe I should never go back again? Okay…
  • My sister is getting married next year, and I’m going to be Maid of Honour! Exciting!
  • I’m so glad I’ve resurrected my blog. I’m honestly loving writing on here and hope you all enjoy it too!
  • I’m going to be 23 in three weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scary. 

So life’s not been super exciting, but I’m still feeling a lil apprehensive about all the things going on, as usual! Thought I’d update you anyhow!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Septmeber (it’s almost winter, wooooo!!). Whatever you are doing, whether you’re going back to, or even starting, school, college, uni. Whether you’re starting a new job, glad to be rid of the kids after the hols, or whether you’ve been at work the whole time- have a great nearly-autumn! 




12 Things No Teacher Has Ever Said in the Month of September

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Okay, so I’m not a teacher, I’m a secondary Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistant (SEN TA if you’re feeling savvy…). Even so, September is the worst month in the life of anyone who works in education. Not only is it another 10 months until another six week holiday, but we have to learn names of (in my school, anyway) about 350 new students AND get to know them AND be nice to them. AS WELL AS remember names and facts about 2,600 other students. I mean, my brain turned to mush over the summer, your’s didn’t?what_day_is_it_grande.png

Here are some statements that won’t be passing my lips, nor the lips of any of my colleagues in the next month (at least):


1.       “Wow, that holiday went so slowly, I can’t believe we had six weeks off.”

2.       “I really missed my students, especially year 9.”

3.       “Thank you, yes I have lost weight!”

4.       “This classroom is so tidy, I did such a good job cleaning up here in July.”

5.       “I’m so glad I didn’t come into school in the holiday to get a head start.”

6.       “I have literally no work to do.”

7.       “I hope October half term doesn’t come too quickly!”

8.       “I love starting and finishing work in the dark now that winter’s coming…”

9.       “I forgot how well behaved kids aged 11-18 are…”

10.   “I can’t wait to welcome the new teachers and tell them how great it is working      here.”

11.   “I feel so energised!”

12.   “I hope I don’t win the lottery because I’d hate to have to never come back here again.”summers-off

Happy new school year! Whether you are a student, a parent or a follow teacher, may the academic year 2017-2018 treat you right…