Blogtember Day #30- Work Primark Haul!!



For the last day of September, I went shopping to get some more clothes for work (I barely have any)! Sorry if it’s not very exciting but some bits are lovely and autumn-y so stay tuned! 

Okay, so this first item is not for work (great start, Em) but I just had to get it. It’s a really cosy and soft jumper with Beauty and the Beast embroidered characters. £15, so not the cheapest thing Primark has ever sold, but cute and kinda worth it. 

Next is a very un-exciting black pencil skirt. It’s kind of a t-shirt material so it’s stretchy, which makes it a lot easier to move about in, hopefully! This one was £5 and goes with everything, right?

Staying with the bottom half, I picked up a pair of navy blue cropped smart/work trousers. They’re a lovely fit and look smart for work, so you can’t really go wrong. And thy have pockets- hurrah!!

I was, at first, disgusted with the very notion of roll-neck jumpers in Primark. I actually picked this one up by accident and threw it back down in disgrace. However, I thought about it for a bit and thought how lovely it would look with a scarf and a pair of loose fitting trousers, like the ones above, for work. So I went for it. I’ve yet to try it out in the work environment and get a teenager’s verdict, but I like it. 

I absolutely love this shirt, but again, I don’t know how it’ll work in practice just yet. It’s such a lovely baby pink shade with a breast pocket and pearls sewn onto the collar. Simple and so cute. And only £5!

Can you ever have too many scarfs for work in the winter? I literally live in them. This one is soooo cute. It’s a navy blue with gold stars all over it. I am in love with it. And it looks so expensive! £4. 

Okay, so these next two aren’t from Primark, but I thought I’d share them with you anyway. They’re the same style (I actually already have a beige one), one is yellow and one is bright orange. 

They’re from H&M and only £8.99, but they’re such a lovely fit. I wore one to work yesterday and got so many compliments! And the colours are so so so lovely for autumn! I’m kind of happy Halloween is on a work day, so I can wear the orange one then! 🙂 
Hope you enjoyed this post, and all of my posts throughout Blogtember! I’m sad to be seeing Blogtember coming to an end, but it’s just got me more excited about Blogmas!!! Obviously I’ll be posting before then, so stay tuned and in touch! Thank you for all your support, reads, likes and comments throughout the month- love you lots!



Primark Make-Up Review 


Make-up from Primark?! Are you insane?! So I was wondering around Primarni, like I do on most days, and noticed that their make-up and beauty section is HUGE and their range is so much better than it used to be. I had a look through and decided to try some products and do a little review for you. So here we go…

Let’s start with make-up, more specifically, lip crayons. 

These ones are actually called ‘lip and cheek crayons’ but I haven’t actually been brave enough to try them on my cheeks! I picked up a nude, which is really nice but a little bit too light for me, so probably the one I would wear least often. 

The second one is the one is a darker shade, and more purple-y, which I love and I feel like it’s going to be my go-to lip colour for autumn. 

These crayons are surprisingly really nice! They are so smooth and creamy and you won’t believe how long they stay on for! I honestly feel like these stay on longer than my YSL lippy (I know, what a claim!!) But these definitely get a 10/10, I just wish they had more shades as it’s quite limited at the moment. 

Brow gel! I went for this because I’ve always used eye shadow powder to fill in my brows, so I thought I’d go all out and buy an actual brow product (adventurous)! The brush that comes with this one is like a mascara wand, so quite hard to apply, and it needs to be brushed in with a smaller, angled brush to fill. 

It is a really nice product when I want super dark brows, and can they ever be too dark?! And it takes a bit longer to use this product than the eye shadow, so I don’t generally use it when I have work, as I’m normally in a rush! Ha! But if I’m going out and want to make more of a effort then this gel is the go-to. 

Here’s me, pointing at my brows…..(?)

Onto bronzer. I picked this up because I actually needed a new bronzer, so instead of spending my usual £18, I thought I’d try this £2.50 one! 

I usually just use a big brush and blend all three shades to bronze. I won’t lie, I absolutely love this one. For £2.50, the effect it gives is BEAUTIFUL and gives a really lovely shimmer, and actually makes me look like I’ve been out in the sun (for once!!) This is what it looks like on… I’m normally super pale. 

Onto other products, and here are some brushes! Primark brushes are actually all you need. I have used higher-end brushes but, in all honesty, I don’t see that much difference! The Primark ones do the job, and their variety is great! (And they’re rose gold, so what else could you want?!) At £1-£2.50 price range, you can’t argue. 

And finally, brush cleaner. I have actually never used a brush cleaner before. I usually throw them away once they’re too caked!! This cleaner is excellent. It does the job, it cleans the brushes perfectly well and they dry super-quickly! And £2! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! I think it just proves and you don’t have to spend a fortune for a lovely make-up look!


Emily xox

Massive Holiday Primark Haul (and other places…)



So, holiday season is approaching (woohoo!) and I’m literally so excited I basically splashed all my cash on holiday clothes. I convinced myself, like we all do, that “I SIMPLY HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR FOR SUMMER!” When, in reality, my clothes take up two wardrobes, one being exclusively dedicated to summer. 

Anywho! I took a little trip to the ENORMOUS Primark in Bristol and spent the entire day in there with a GIGANTIC shopping bag. So, here’s what I got:

This really cute blue and white play suit was soooo not my thang. I actually saw this on the way out of the shop, after I’d been to the fitting rooms, so I couldn’t be bothered to try it on. My mum thought it was cute, but I wasn’t so sure. Things like this never fit me and always hang off me in the wrong places. But I thought ‘screw it, I can always bring it back’, with every intention to re-visit Primark with arm-fulls of stuff to return. Anyway, it turned out to fit really well and I absolutely love it! Thought this would be ideal for evenings on holiday, when we go out to eat 🙂 Super-cute! And £13. 


Staying on the theme of evening wear, this pink lacey net midi-skirt was love at first sight. It has a chiffon mini under skirt and looks GREAT with a plain white crop top and lots of gold bling for an evening meal. I actually thought this skirt would be ideal for a wedding that I’m going to in May as well. They also sold a gray one, but pink is more summery, right? £10 🙂


Onto beach-wear now, the only stuff you should need for summer holidays. I was so in love with this cute lil flamingo-pattern beach dress/pool cover-up that I actually bought it in a medium, because they didn’t have a small, with every intention of altering it. (Whacking out my sewing skills, obvs). Anyway, when I went to the Plymouth store a week later, they had a small I could exchange it for. It has barely any back, so you can just shrug it on and off easily and comfortably while chilling by the pool. £5!

The bikini was a major dilemma (and his friend Colonel Catastrophe, sorry…). Being a smaller size, I have issues with bikini tops, especially non-padded ones (do people acc buy those???) Well, for some reason, the selection of padded Bimini tops is minimal. I actually bought two other bikinis before settling for this one. I think it’s sooo cute, but my major concern was that it doesn’t match the flamingo cover-up, but the people of Kos will have to forgive me. Also, I loooove how Primark sell bikini tops and bottoms separately, because who is the same size for both? No one! The top was £8, and the bottoms £5. 


I got these shorts, high-waisted denim, ripped stylie. I love the high-waisted fit, but wasn’t too sure about the rips which were open and so high up. So, the mad sewing skills came into practice (well, my mum’s, ngl). She sewed pieces of floral fabric behind the rips, good idea, eh? And really cute. I’ll probably be wearing these shorts for most of the week. £10. 


Onto accessories! How. Cute. Are. These. Frickin. Sandals? I can’t give you words for how much I love these sandals, all I can say is they’re The One. So colourful. So bobbly. So incredibly comfortable. I will also be wearing these all week. £14, and worth every penny. 

The second pair are a really nice goldy, brassy colour that I think will pretty much go with everything I’ve bought, even evening clothes. I don’t do heels, so these will be perfect for going out to eat and glamming up. £8. 


Everyone needs a beach bag for holiday, and this one cost me £1.50, so what can I say? Other than its frickin awesome because it has seahorses on it. 

The sunglasses were £2 and I look like John Lennon in them, what more can I say?


These flowery handbags are really in at the moment, and there are beautiful ones in Accessorize, but Primark have done their own version, and it’s adorable. It kind of looks like a kids handbag, but hey, that’s what I like about it… And small enough to be able to carry on day trips and around towns. A mere £7. 
Okay, I bought way more stuff in Primark but I don’t want to bore you to death. Here are some things I got from other shops, because I love them and wanted to show you!


I a-b-solutely freaking love this co-ord. It’s from Miss Selfridge but I actually purchased this second-hand on Depop (which if you haven’t check out, you MUST). The really cute lemon pattern is perfect for summer and holidays, and the little tassels bits are sooo cute. It’s a crop top, but I like it because it’s not super-cropped and only shows a bit of tummy. I love it so much I actually bought another one with a different pattern: tropical leaves!


Speaking of tripical leaves, this dress is basically one of those cringey Hawaiian shirts, but in dress form, and I love it. I thought this would also make a cute evening dress, nice and cool and holiday-y! This came from BooHoo and, no joke, cost £4. Bargain! 


Again, evening dresses. This one’s a stunner, from River Island. A really nice mid-length body con, off the shoulder. Hence why the sleeves look so weird in this pic. Trust me, it looks better on! Excited to wear this one tbh! 


ANNNNND finally (you’ll be glad to hear). I’m a lil bit paranoid about showing a bit too much flesh when I’m not too sure about the country’s, or hotel’s, etiquette. Given that some of my outfits are short shorts and cropped tops, I decided to invest in this cute lil kimono just as a cover-up for when I’m out and about. A good idea if you’re not too keen on exposing all the flesh 🙂 This one’s from Topshop, but also bought second-hand on Depop for £6, lol. 
I really hope you enjoyed reading my (mainly) Primark holiday haul, and hopefully it’s given you some inspiration today!

Happy holiday,

ElectricEmily xoxo

P.s. I’ll leave you with a picture of me trying to carry the enormous Primark bag around Bristol. Enjoy!

OOTD #2!


Once again, my outfit today was one of my faves, so I thought I’d share… It was pretty cold in the little fishing village of Brixham in Devon today, but looking fab comes before comfort, right? (Well, maybe)… 

Also, as you can kinda tell, apologies for looking super awkward, there were loads of people about.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

The jumper:

I love this jumper, it’s just a ‘lil sweatshirt, cosy, but it’s so soft on the inside. A cute salmon-y pink with ‘Weekend Vibes’ written on it (and yes, I realise it’s Thursday). Totally cute, and only £5 from good ‘ol Primark

The coat:

Love this white fisherman’s style rain mac. It’s perfect for days like today when it’s not freezing, but not exactly summer and you need a light jacket. Perfect for spring! This one is bang-in trend and came from Topshop, costing £55. Love. 

The jeans:

My trusty 710s from Levis, what more can I say? If you don’t own a pair of staple skinnys from Levi’s, what are you doing with your life? These cost £85, but have lasted over a year and I plan to keep them for a few more….

The shoes:

Again, need I say it again? Staple white Converse, £35. Boom. 

The rucksack:

This rucksack is one of my favourite things right now. Rucksacks have really come back into fashion lately and this little one from Peacocks for just £7 is a no-brainer, surely? 

Well, that was just a quick update on my ‘lil OOTD which I was loving. Hope you enjoyed,

ElectricEmily xoxox