Blogtember Day #25- Too Faced Peach Palette Looks!



I am soooo in love with the Too Faced Sweet Peach eye shadow palette! So much so that I thought I’d share some of my fave looks with you and how to achieve them…


Lid- Luscious

Crease- Just Peachy

Bottom liner- Bellini

Top liner- Charmed I’m Sure

Brow bone- Peached n Cream


Brow bone- Peaches n Cream

Crease- Bless Her Heart

Lid- Bellini

Outer V- Peach Pit

Top liner- Tempting

Lower lash liner- Bless Her Heart

Lid- Nectar

Crease- Candied Peach

Brow bone- White Peach


Lid- White Peach

Crease- Candied Peach

Brow bone- White Peach


Lid- Caramelised 

Inner corner- Luscious

Outer crease- Charmed, I’m Sure

Outer lower lash- Caramelised

Inner lower lash- Luscious

Brow bone- White Peach

I’m desperately searching for new looks to do with this palette so if you know any, let me know! 

P.s. Sorry for the awful pics of me, I didn’t think it’d be right if I put a filter on!



Blogtember Day #24- What Did I Get For My Birthday?



I’ve literally had the most wonderful weekend celebrating my 23rd birthday. I thought it’d be nice to share with you some of the gifts I recieved from friends and family, and also things I treated myself to. (Y’know, it’s my birthday- treat yo self!)

1) Too Faced Sweet Peach palette! 

I’m so happy I’ve finally got my hands on this. My grandparents got this for me, and I believe it came from Debenhams. It’s so exciting that they’re stocking this in the UK in Debs. If you haven’t grabbed yourself one yet, quick!!!! I’m definitely going to do a post containing my fave looks from the palette. However, I’m really stumped for look ideas, so if anyone knows of any blogs or vlogs using this palette for tutorials, please share!

 2) Morphe Fall into The Frost 35F palette

Again, such a beaut, and I’m so excited to try it out! But again, have no idea which colours to combine for certain looks so please share ideas!! This gift came from my parents. It was £23 from Cult Beauty… 🙂
3) Too Faced Face Palette

I haven’t actually recieved this one yet, but my mum gave me some money to buy it. I’m heading into debenhams tomorrow to pick it up. I’m so excited to try this out as I’m soooooo fed up with using my old highlighter and contour palette that doesn’t match my skin tone!!!!! Not long now! 😩
4) H&M jacket

So my parents gave me money to spend in town so I got this jacket ready for autumn/winter. I absolutely love this jacket. It’s suede and fluffy and heavy but super cute and fits so well. Perfect snuggly winter jacket!
5) The Killers new album on vinyl

Annnnd pink vinyl at that!! My best friend gave me a Love to Shop voucher, which can be redeemed in HMV… so, obviously, I just had to treat myself to my favourite band’s new album in pink. 

6) Boots

These little ankle boots are from Primark and only cost £10, but how beaut???? They remind me of a Harry Styles suit….
7) My sister and her fiancé bought me a Waterstone’s voucher (which I’m going to spend on the new John Green book when it comes out). They also bought me a Mrs Potts money box… you know, those pesky ones no one could ever find. So glad I finally have one!

8) Friends’ gifts

I’ve also recieved some wonderful gifts from my amazing friends. These range from mugs, journals, shark necklaces (YES I KNOW), Stephen Hawkin socks (YUP), scarfs, more jewellery, wine and chocolate (wooo!)

I have the best friends and family and I’m so lucky to have had such a wonderful birthday. I hope you realise I’m not trying to show off with what I got, but I thought it’d just be nice to share…

Hope you enjoyed!



Blogtember Day #23- My Birthday!!



Today is my birthday!! I am 23 today, although I don’t feel like it at all…. 

I’ve had two evenings out with my friends on Thursday and Friday. And today I went to The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall with my family. I am exhausted now from all the partying so I thought I’d just share some of the pics from today… 


I hope you’re all having a wonderful day too!



Blogtember Day #22- My Lip Collection 



Today, I’m going to share with you my collection of lip products. I have a lot more than this but I didn’t want to bore you. These are my faves. 

I’m going out tonight for a birthday meal and I can’t decide which colour to go for!!

1) My ‘top brand’ lip product is YSL’s no. 1, bright red lip stick. This is a classic and absolutely beautiful. 

However, I find this one doesn’t stay on very well, especially when eating and drinking, so maybe not the best one for going out for a meal…

2) This next one is a Primark Complete Crayon, Lip & Cheek. I’ve never actually used it for my cheeks, but I love the lip colour. This one’s in the shade Heartbreak. It’s a really nice berry, purple-y colour. 

It gives such a nice gloss and omg you would not believe how long it lasts! It’s honestly better than my YSL for staying put. 

3) Up next, its the Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses lip tint & balm. One end is like a felt tip pen tint and the other is a balm for gloss. Again, a really nice colour but doesn’t stay on too well. I also find this one bleeds quite badly and it all comes off apart from the edges of the lips, which looks a bit weird. 

Still, it’s a really nice shade and quite subtle, which I like. 

4) Again, a Primark lip crayon (can you tell I like these?) This one is in the shade Bare All. As you might know, I love a nude lip, so this one is fab. 

And again, great gloss and perf at staying on for a long time. 

5) Last, but (deffo) not least, the W7 Mega Matte Lips in the shade Two Bob. I absolutely looooove this colour and I am really in love with a matte lip at the moment. 

Just look at the colour and the matt-i-ness!! I think this is the one, guys….

Hope you enjoyed my run-through of my lip collection, lemme know what you like!



Blogtember Day #21- Work and Play OOTD!



I thought, for this post, I would show you my work #ootd and also my ‘going out for an evening meal, birthday celebrations’ outfit! 

So let’s start with work…

I love this outfit for work. It’s so comfy but also keeps me warm in the autumn (not quite warm enough for winter!)

The shirt: I absolutely love this shirt, it’s white with little black bees on it. I hate bees but it’s cute soooo…. It’s long sleeved, but I roll them up, but it’s just so lovely and floaty. Annnnd, it’s from Primark and literally cost me less than £10… I think it was £8. I know they still sell these shirts but not in this pattern. I’ve seen polka dot ones though (which I must get). 

Under my shirt, I wear a long-sleeved basic top, which is what keeps me warm. But in the summer, a strappy top is enough. 

The jeans– These are actually, again, Primark. They’re just their basic skinny black jeans which I find are perfect for work (because they’re cheap so it doesn’t matter if I get paint or chemicals or whatever else teaching assistant come across in their daily lives.)

The shoes– These cute little basic black ballet pumps are from New Look. They’re so comfy, and I actually chose to wear them today because they’re the only pair I own that don’t rub my feet!! Cute and practical all and fool-proof! 

Okay, let’s get into the evening outfit. I only went out for tea with a friend, but I do like to put a bit more effort in than just a daily look. 

The jacket- This super-cute New Look leather jacket is a basic, but a wardrobe staple. An essential, right??? I mean, what would I do without it? It goes with anything and everything. Easy. 

The jeans– Again, Primark. I love these super skinny, high-waisted basics. High-waisted are a god-send and if I had to wear only one piece of clothing forever, it’d be these jeans. 

The shoes- These nude-colour pumps have cute little 3D flowers on the front of them. Whenever I wear them I get compliments but they’re sooooo old! I probably got them about six or seven years ago and they’re falling apart, but I love them! 😭

The top- Omg, I love this top. It’s from Primark and cost me £3… yes, I did say £3!! It’s a navy blue blouse type thing with a frill at the bottom (I’m really bad at describing). I just know I love it. 

The cardigan- A basic white cardie from (you guessed it) Primarni. Goes with everything! Woooooo!

Here’s me showing off my frill…..

Hope you enjoyed!



Blogtember Day #20- A-Z of Beauty Tips!



Here’s your alphabet in beauty form….

A is for Aroma– Smelling Good is super important. Whether it’s a perfume or a body mist, its a must. 

B is for Beauty Blender– How else do people blend their foundation? Like, a brush, really?

C is for Concealer– I would die without concealer. I would literally be dead. The bags under my eyes are enough. 

D is for DON’T BE AFRAID– Yellow trousers? Go for it. Massive tassel earrings? Why not?!

E is for Eyes– Whether it’s eye shadow or the ever-tricky cat-eye flick, no one can live with a naked eye. The most important part of the face in my opinion. (E is also for eyebrows, which are just as important and the darker the better tbh…)

F is for Faves– Just because a product isn’t top of the range, doesn’t mean it can’t be your fave for regular use. We all have our little go-tos and it doesn’t matter if they’re falling apart or disgustingly dirty, right? They’re our faves. 

G is for Glitter– Obvs! Whether it’s on the eyes, the lips, shimmer highlights, anything!! I love glittery nails, personally. 

H is for Highlight– You know how much I love a highlight. Can you ever have too much on? I think not. 

I is for Illusion– We’re on a theme here. Contour is the best illusion since magicians began cutting people in half. 

J is for Jackets– With winter approaching, a jacket is an essential and one of my fave items of clothing. I’m so excited to get mine back! Look at this beaut from Zara…

K is for Killer Boots– On the theme of winter, boots are a must and I literally live in them all winter long. Ankle boots, fluffy long boots, any kind of boot!!

L is for Lips– I’m obsessed with lip crayons at the moment and matte lips. 

M is for Matte- matte powder has been a life-save through the sweaty summer, but matte nails and lips are a must for autumn/winter. 

N is for Nails– £20 a fortnight for shellac nails? Oh okay then….

O is for Online– I’ve recently found so many beauty bargains online. Examples are a £52 Too Faced palette on eBay for £15 and the discovery of Cult Beauty has saved me a small fortune (Morphe 30 colour palette for £23!)

P is for Primer– If you’re like me, you’re very lazy with primer, but I have to admit, I’ve been using it a lot more lately and it really does mean my make up lasts longer throughout the day. If you’ve never tried it, give it a so and compare. 

Q is for Quick Fixes- Again, if you’re anything like me, you’ll need to take make-up to work (after crying a lot). However, taking you’re entire make-up kit is a bit extreme. I normally take just concealer and a sponge to cover the patches and any spots that may appear throughout the day. 

R is for Repairing Shampoos– I literally live by these. My hair would probably have all fallen out by now, or look like a crow’s nest. 

S is for Sleep– A good night’s sleep is the most important beauty tip I can give. Beauty sleep is no myth, people. 

T is for Time Out– Sometimes it’s important to let your face and skin rest. Give yourself a day or two off per week or fortnight to let your skin breathe without make up. 

U is for Utilise!- Try and make it last, it’s not cheap, y’know!

V is for Vegetables– Okay, not just veg, but a healthy diet in general. 

W is for Water– As well as a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water is great for skin. I personally drink gallons in a day so have very good skin as a consequence. 

X is for Exfoliate– Not quite an X, but really? My fave exfoliater is the Soap and Glory Scrub of your Life, featured in my last post (Bath Time Pampering). 

Y is for You– Nothing is more important than you time. Time off from work and family and responsibilities to relax. 

Z is for Zen- Quiet and sleep and relaxation with your fave products is the most important beauty tip I can give you. 



Blogtember Day #14- Get Ready With Me!



Tonight, I am going out for my Grandad’s 74th birthday meal. We’re going to a Pierre’s restaurant, so I thought I’d share with you my getting ready to go out routine! 

I don’t get many opportunities to dress up, but I love it, so I’m just going to go for and if I’m OTT, then I don’t care. The dress I’m going to wear is a khaki green, mid-length one with a netting over the top of a shorter under-skirt. I saw it in H&M and absolutely fell in love. It was £25, reduced to £11, and when I took it to the till it had been reduced even more to £4! £4!!!!! I know. 

Make up! My fave bit. I’m going to be using my Tarte Rainforest of the Sea foundation, just because it’s more shimmery and a fuller coverage for a night out, rather than my usual daily Rimmel. 

Powder is so important on nights out, because the evening shine on the forehead is never a good look. Also, I find that the smile lines are much worse with a full coverage foundation, so the powder just sets them a bit. 

Highlight and contour is also very important. You want controlled face shine and shadows, am I right? 

Evenings out are a great excuse to go completely overboard on the shimmery eyeshadow. And I am not holding back. This is my W7 Palette (which I feature in my every day make up routine). The sparkly pink and champagne shades are always a must. 

With mascara, I usually wear my Natural Collection waterproof one during the day, but evenings out call for the Collection false lash effect, bright pink mascara. Ofc. 

Eyebrows are also equally as important (possibly the most). My Collection brow powder is a life saver and I just love it’s effect and I will love it forever…

Onto hair! And I decided to go for a wavey look by lightly curling it with my tongs. This never usually works, but when it does it looks better after a few hours when they’ve fallen a bit. 

Annnnnd I’m ready! 

Hope you enjoyed getting ready with me!