Blogtember Day #30- Work Primark Haul!!



For the last day of September, I went shopping to get some more clothes for work (I barely have any)! Sorry if it’s not very exciting but some bits are lovely and autumn-y so stay tuned! 

Okay, so this first item is not for work (great start, Em) but I just had to get it. It’s a really cosy and soft jumper with Beauty and the Beast embroidered characters. £15, so not the cheapest thing Primark has ever sold, but cute and kinda worth it. 

Next is a very un-exciting black pencil skirt. It’s kind of a t-shirt material so it’s stretchy, which makes it a lot easier to move about in, hopefully! This one was £5 and goes with everything, right?

Staying with the bottom half, I picked up a pair of navy blue cropped smart/work trousers. They’re a lovely fit and look smart for work, so you can’t really go wrong. And thy have pockets- hurrah!!

I was, at first, disgusted with the very notion of roll-neck jumpers in Primark. I actually picked this one up by accident and threw it back down in disgrace. However, I thought about it for a bit and thought how lovely it would look with a scarf and a pair of loose fitting trousers, like the ones above, for work. So I went for it. I’ve yet to try it out in the work environment and get a teenager’s verdict, but I like it. 

I absolutely love this shirt, but again, I don’t know how it’ll work in practice just yet. It’s such a lovely baby pink shade with a breast pocket and pearls sewn onto the collar. Simple and so cute. And only £5!

Can you ever have too many scarfs for work in the winter? I literally live in them. This one is soooo cute. It’s a navy blue with gold stars all over it. I am in love with it. And it looks so expensive! £4. 

Okay, so these next two aren’t from Primark, but I thought I’d share them with you anyway. They’re the same style (I actually already have a beige one), one is yellow and one is bright orange. 

They’re from H&M and only £8.99, but they’re such a lovely fit. I wore one to work yesterday and got so many compliments! And the colours are so so so lovely for autumn! I’m kind of happy Halloween is on a work day, so I can wear the orange one then! 🙂 
Hope you enjoyed this post, and all of my posts throughout Blogtember! I’m sad to be seeing Blogtember coming to an end, but it’s just got me more excited about Blogmas!!! Obviously I’ll be posting before then, so stay tuned and in touch! Thank you for all your support, reads, likes and comments throughout the month- love you lots!



Blogtember Day #27- The Dentist!!



Sorry for this short blog post today. I have been to the dentist and am currently dying (slight exaggeration). Okay, so on Boxing Day, yes, that long ago, I managed to fracture my tooth on a potato wedge. And since then I’ve visited the dentist five times!! They haven’t managed to fix it and now I’m going through the process of having a crown fitted! Fingers crossed this’ll work and I’ll be able to eat nice crunchy things again on both sides of my mouth…. the dream!

Anyway, my mouth and face is currently numb and swollen and I look like a dribbling mess. The anaesthetic I’ve been given is so strong I just want to sleep…. so that’s what I’m going to do. 

Good night! 



P.s. Here’s a pic of me from yesterday when my face was of normal proportions. 

Ask Me Anything: Q&A!

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So I’m fairly new to this blog thing, but I’ve managed to reach 50 followers 🙂 

I’d absolutely love to do a Q&A for you guys, if you have anything at all to ask me! I know a few of you wanted to know a bit more about my make-up collection and skin care routine, so I have a few of your questions already…

But if there’s anything else, let me know and I’ll get the post up by Friday (that’s two days to get your questions in, ppl!)

You can leave questions in the comments here, or on Facebook ( or tweet me (@EMILY4EVEREVER) or instagram me (prettyvisitors_) 

All the love,



2016 favourites! 

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I realise the middle of January is a little late for a 2016 favourites, but at least it’s happening. I have soooo much to talk about, I mean, I am trying to fit an entire year into one blog post, so I’ll crack on, shall I?


2016 started on a low wit the death of the legendary David Bowie. On the plus side, we got his latest album Black Star and also got to hear his classics on the radio, re-live performanes on endless BBC documentaries (which I believe are still going on), not to meantion the re-runs of Labyrinth. Praise the lord! So although we had to wave goodbye to our proverbial father of music, he will always be the starman in the sky. 

Fairy lights
So 2016 saw the development of my obsession with fairy lights. My room has become a grotto of warm yellow and I love it. Choosing fairy lights can be a tricky business, however, especially in the summer when you don’t want to seem too festive too soon. But I just think they look amazing all year round, cosy and lovely!

Costa 😱
Speaking of cosy and lovely- hot chocolate! A new Costa Coffee shop opened near me in January 2016, and I swear the staff know my name now. The hot choloate is divine, and there’s a drive-thru. What more could you want?! And don’t even get me started on the orange hot choclate they brought out for Christmas. However, the only down side is that I can’t re-create it at home with shop-bought powder so therefore have most probably spent hundreds of pounds in petrol driving to get a HC in my PJ’s. 

Once Upon a Time

TV shows now! And being new to Netflix, I could not comprehend the vastness of choice I had. My friend recommended to me a series she was totally obsessed with– Once Upon a Time. Well, it wasn’t long before I got there. It’s taken a while to catch up with six seasons (23 eps a season) but I’m there and now desperate for the next lot of season 6. If you haven’t seen it, give it a go, you will not be disappointed! 


First up, Professor Brian Cox’s Human Univserse. I somehow managed to miss this as a TV series earlier in the year, so I’ve yet to catch up on that. But the book was my most enjoyable summer read by far! You’re probably thinking that I’m a nerd and that this book is as boring as it sound, but you’re wrong (though I am a bit of a nerd). The chapters titles are things such as: ‘Why are we here’, ‘What is our future?’ And a whole load of stuff about space and aliens and evolution. Every question that every human is innately interested in is touched upon in this book. Some of the equations and math-sy bits are a bit over the head, but if you can see past that…. Parts such as the list of songs that have been sent on CD to outer space, should an alien ever find them and want to know what Earth is like. I mean, what alien wouldn’t enjoy a bit of Johnny B. Goode? Once he’s worked out how to build a CD player and play the CD in the first place of course…. 

Book numbero dos is Stolen by Lucy Christopher. This is comepeltly different to Brian Cox, that’s for sure. A teen fiction, following a girl who has been abducted from an airport and taken to the middle of the Australian outback, miles from anything. Such a gripping book with great twists in it. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s just super! I was hooked. 

Dissertation writing!!! 

Hardly a ‘favourite’ but I couldn’t not include it when it’s basically all. I’ve. Been. Doing. I’m on a creative writing course so my dissertation is comprised of two parts: a 10,000 word piece of fiction and an accopanying essay. All I can say is why-oh-why did I chose this course? Or to go to university at all? Save yourselves from creative writing!! And if you’re doing your dissy any time time, join me as I bang my head on the table that is physically always in front of me, and also is my life. Hurrah for summer 2017, hurry!!

Finally…. Werk werk werk and more werk

And finally, 2016 has seen a lot of work for me. But it’s all good! As I come to an end at university, I am moving up in the world of work and getting onto more training schemes and making more of an impact in the classroom and the staff room! Everything is looking peachy for a lowly TA in a sleeping Devon village. 

On the whole, 2016 has been a great year for my own personal growth. I am very happy with where I am in life right now and am looking forward to new adventures in 2017. Even if the adventures are just within the walls of work! I really hope you all have a fabulous start to 2017, no doubt I’ll see you soon for more faves! 

Au revoir!



January 2017! What am I up to?

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So I’m asking the question ‘what am I up to?’ mainly for myself, because I have no idea. This year, I’m really struggling to wave goodbye to Christmas #sadface. Being a legitimate Mrs Clause, January is just the worst. If you get the same kind of post-festive blues, here are some tips for you (mainly tips for me because I’m a MISERY!!) 

So today, I am allowing myself the longest lie-in (obviously only do this on a day off, don’t cancel your alarm on a work day, as much as we’d all love that). I went to the dentist last week and my face is still a bit swollen. I treated myself to the fluffiness dressing gown (Peackocks, £20) which has a hood, PRAISE THE LORD, so is like heaven to wrap around my puffy sorry-for-myself face. I have a hair appointment booked for later today for blonde blonde and more blonde just to stop myself from looking so pale and zombie-ish in January, and also for a bit of luxury me-time! 

Okay, so lets face it, maaaaaaybe getting your hair dyed and cut for four hours in a salon may not be the cheapest way to cheer yourself up. But you know what? What else do a treat myself to? Let me have this. Thanks. 

January is that horrible month when we have to go back to work/uni/school. I personally have soooo much uni work to do AND my dissertation is due this year (yaaaay!) ((sarcasm)). In order to wipe the horrors of third year unviserty out of my mind, I am eating and spending and crying and watching lots of YouTube, granted, not the best way to start the year, but you can sympathise, right? 

London next week!! My best friend is going to a Camp America recruitment thing in Westminster and didn’t want to go alone, so here’s my excuse to actually get at least one little tiny trip out of 2017 even if I don’t go anywhere else this year. Viva la Travelodge!! 

Lastly, January has had me hooked to one particular book. You didn’t actually think I’d write a favourites without mentioning a book?! Lucy Christopher- Stolen! What a book!! Lucy actually came into my uni to do a talk about being an author and writing for young adults and she was sooo interesting! Granted, this was back in November but I’ve been very busy, believe me (I think). The book is about a sixteen year old girl who gets abducted in an airport and taken to the middle of the Australian outback to live with her captor. There are so many twists and turns and it’s so captivating. I can’t put it down. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed this not-so-interesting update about my dull little life. A year since DB’s death and I am still no Star-Woman, and still in mourning… but, we’ve gotta get on with life, even if this is it. (:

Lots of love, ElecticEmily 


P.s. Final Jan tip: Hot chocolate is never a bad thing.