Halloween/ Christmas Haul!



I think I may have peaked too soon, guys… I have basically nearly finished my Christmas shopping. And now I’ve started on decorations. The only thing I haven’t got is presents for my parents and a tree…

I feel like when it comes to December I’m going to be sick of the entire Christmas season, but for now, it’s great! Also, Halloween is UPON US. My friend and I took to Poundland, Hobby Craft and B&M to feed our excitement for the autumn and approaching winter, and here is the result:

Let’s start with Poundland. I can’t believe how much I got in here for £6! (6 things believe it or not…)

I mean… pumpkin lights. Can you even go wrong? They’re battery powered which kinda sucks, but they’ll only be one for one evening so hopefully should last. HOW CUTE???

These are my fave things I bought. They’re skeleton and a pumpkin tea light holders, A POUND EACH. They’re ceramic and everything and I just love them lots. 

The last Halloween thing I got from Poundland are the sweets for the trick or treaters. I love having themed sweets and not just your bog-standard drum sticks. These are eye-ball lollipop and Casper marshmallows- yaaaas!!

Okay, onto B&M and Christmas! If you don’t have a B&M near you, I can only sympathise. It’s a beautiful place. Especially for cheap little seasonal things that’ll spend most of the year in the loft. 

I am soooo happy with this purchase. I got 100 multicoloured Christmas lights for £5.99! And they’re plug-in ones which just makes me super happy. I just tried them out and believe me when I say they’re beautiful. 

And lastly, can you really go wrong with a box of candy canes for £1? I think not. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and that you’re just as excited about Christmas as I am!!

Happy holidays! (Too soon?)



Why Autumn/Winter 2017 Is Going To Be The Best!



So there are many reasons why I’m super excited for this autumn/winter to get in full-swing. Here are just a few…

Moneyyyyy! For the first time in my life (apart from my gap year) I am working a full-time job with no money commitments; last time I was saving every penny for uni and travelling. Of course, I am trying to save to move out, but that’s just a ‘if I have the pennies, I’ll put them away’ kinda save. Anyway, this means that I am, for the first time, able to spend as much money as I possibly can on Christmas! I’ve always dreamed of a Christmas where I can spend loads on my family’s presents, buy myself a tree and decs and all the crappy nutcracker ornaments I can fit in my basket!


Job prospects. So I work as a teaching assistant in a secondary school, but my absolute dream job is to work in literacy intervention for kids who needs extra English lessons. I love the school I work in at the moment and never want to leave, but I was beginning to worry that I might have to, as I can’t stay as a TA forever… I have done an English degree and taken a Higher Level Teaching Assistant course to prepare me for my dream job role- now it’s all about applying!


Autumn/winter vibes in general… So who doesn’t love cosy autumn nights? Or trips to the nearest field hosting a firework display? Trick or treating (or in my case, getting no trick or treaters and eating a hundred packets of sweets in one evening). Cosy jumpers, dark evenings, stinging rain, frozen lips and icy windscreens. Can it get any better? Not to even mention Christmas!!


Graduation!!! So I graduate in just over a week’s time… How scary is that? I’m thinking of doing a post all about my uni experiences and struggles. When I look back, I can’t believe I am where I am today. I never thought I would ever be graduating from university with a 2:1 in English Literature and Creative Writing. Little ol’ me.


Plans with friends. I’m so excited about doing autumny/wintery things with people this year and have made so many plans to get me super excited. Christmas market visiting, pumpkin picking, concerts in Sheffield (well, just the one, but woo!), road trips and Christmas parties…

Let me know what your autumn/winter plans are and why you’re excited for the changing season.







Blogtember Day #13- 15 Things I Love About Autumn! 🍁


I’m so excited that the evenings are getting darker and the nights are getting colder. You may think I’m crazy, but I just hate the summer and I’m a bit of a Mrs Clause so when it starts to get a little bit autumny (and Christmassy) I couldn’t be happier. Here are a few things I am most excited about getting to do this autumn, and why I love it soooo much (and you should too!)

1. Getting cosy– Theres nothing better than coming home from work to a cosy blanket, hot chocolate and a hot water bottle on the feet!

2. My birthday!- September 23rd is officially the last day of summer, meteorlogically, so that means it’s the start of autumn, right??

3. Halloween (and pumpkin carving). 

4. Fireworks and bonfire night

5. Fairy lights

6. Dark evenings


8. Sleeping in twenty layers. 

9. Crunchy, colourful leaves

10. TV shows– e.g. Bake Off, The X Factor and crappy Saturday night game shows. 

11. Thick jumpers– This year, some of my faves are from Zara (keep your eyes peeled for a blog post).

12. The fashion generally– oranges and browns and yellows, lovely warm boots, snuggley scarfs and big fluffy coats. AND HATS. 

13. The smell– urgh, remember that crisp morning smell? *swoons*

14. Frosty mornings– especially those ones where you don’t have to get up and you can stay in your PJ’s all day. 

15. The countdown to Christmas!!! 🎅🏼

I hope you’re all as excited for autumn as I am! It really is the best season, let’s face it. 


All photos from: instagram.com/prettyvisitors_