Blogtember Day #22- My Lip Collection 



Today, I’m going to share with you my collection of lip products. I have a lot more than this but I didn’t want to bore you. These are my faves. 

I’m going out tonight for a birthday meal and I can’t decide which colour to go for!!

1) My ‘top brand’ lip product is YSL’s no. 1, bright red lip stick. This is a classic and absolutely beautiful. 

However, I find this one doesn’t stay on very well, especially when eating and drinking, so maybe not the best one for going out for a meal…

2) This next one is a Primark Complete Crayon, Lip & Cheek. I’ve never actually used it for my cheeks, but I love the lip colour. This one’s in the shade Heartbreak. It’s a really nice berry, purple-y colour. 

It gives such a nice gloss and omg you would not believe how long it lasts! It’s honestly better than my YSL for staying put. 

3) Up next, its the Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses lip tint & balm. One end is like a felt tip pen tint and the other is a balm for gloss. Again, a really nice colour but doesn’t stay on too well. I also find this one bleeds quite badly and it all comes off apart from the edges of the lips, which looks a bit weird. 

Still, it’s a really nice shade and quite subtle, which I like. 

4) Again, a Primark lip crayon (can you tell I like these?) This one is in the shade Bare All. As you might know, I love a nude lip, so this one is fab. 

And again, great gloss and perf at staying on for a long time. 

5) Last, but (deffo) not least, the W7 Mega Matte Lips in the shade Two Bob. I absolutely looooove this colour and I am really in love with a matte lip at the moment. 

Just look at the colour and the matt-i-ness!! I think this is the one, guys….

Hope you enjoyed my run-through of my lip collection, lemme know what you like!



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