Blogtember Day #21- Work and Play OOTD!



I thought, for this post, I would show you my work #ootd and also my ‘going out for an evening meal, birthday celebrations’ outfit! 

So let’s start with work…

I love this outfit for work. It’s so comfy but also keeps me warm in the autumn (not quite warm enough for winter!)

The shirt: I absolutely love this shirt, it’s white with little black bees on it. I hate bees but it’s cute soooo…. It’s long sleeved, but I roll them up, but it’s just so lovely and floaty. Annnnd, it’s from Primark and literally cost me less than £10… I think it was £8. I know they still sell these shirts but not in this pattern. I’ve seen polka dot ones though (which I must get). 

Under my shirt, I wear a long-sleeved basic top, which is what keeps me warm. But in the summer, a strappy top is enough. 

The jeans– These are actually, again, Primark. They’re just their basic skinny black jeans which I find are perfect for work (because they’re cheap so it doesn’t matter if I get paint or chemicals or whatever else teaching assistant come across in their daily lives.)

The shoes– These cute little basic black ballet pumps are from New Look. They’re so comfy, and I actually chose to wear them today because they’re the only pair I own that don’t rub my feet!! Cute and practical all and fool-proof! 

Okay, let’s get into the evening outfit. I only went out for tea with a friend, but I do like to put a bit more effort in than just a daily look. 

The jacket- This super-cute New Look leather jacket is a basic, but a wardrobe staple. An essential, right??? I mean, what would I do without it? It goes with anything and everything. Easy. 

The jeans– Again, Primark. I love these super skinny, high-waisted basics. High-waisted are a god-send and if I had to wear only one piece of clothing forever, it’d be these jeans. 

The shoes- These nude-colour pumps have cute little 3D flowers on the front of them. Whenever I wear them I get compliments but they’re sooooo old! I probably got them about six or seven years ago and they’re falling apart, but I love them! 😭

The top- Omg, I love this top. It’s from Primark and cost me £3… yes, I did say £3!! It’s a navy blue blouse type thing with a frill at the bottom (I’m really bad at describing). I just know I love it. 

The cardigan- A basic white cardie from (you guessed it) Primarni. Goes with everything! Woooooo!

Here’s me showing off my frill…..

Hope you enjoyed!



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