Blogtember Day #20- A-Z of Beauty Tips!



Here’s your alphabet in beauty form….

A is for Aroma– Smelling Good is super important. Whether it’s a perfume or a body mist, its a must. 

B is for Beauty Blender– How else do people blend their foundation? Like, a brush, really?

C is for Concealer– I would die without concealer. I would literally be dead. The bags under my eyes are enough. 

D is for DON’T BE AFRAID– Yellow trousers? Go for it. Massive tassel earrings? Why not?!

E is for Eyes– Whether it’s eye shadow or the ever-tricky cat-eye flick, no one can live with a naked eye. The most important part of the face in my opinion. (E is also for eyebrows, which are just as important and the darker the better tbh…)

F is for Faves– Just because a product isn’t top of the range, doesn’t mean it can’t be your fave for regular use. We all have our little go-tos and it doesn’t matter if they’re falling apart or disgustingly dirty, right? They’re our faves. 

G is for Glitter– Obvs! Whether it’s on the eyes, the lips, shimmer highlights, anything!! I love glittery nails, personally. 

H is for Highlight– You know how much I love a highlight. Can you ever have too much on? I think not. 

I is for Illusion– We’re on a theme here. Contour is the best illusion since magicians began cutting people in half. 

J is for Jackets– With winter approaching, a jacket is an essential and one of my fave items of clothing. I’m so excited to get mine back! Look at this beaut from Zara…

K is for Killer Boots– On the theme of winter, boots are a must and I literally live in them all winter long. Ankle boots, fluffy long boots, any kind of boot!!

L is for Lips– I’m obsessed with lip crayons at the moment and matte lips. 

M is for Matte- matte powder has been a life-save through the sweaty summer, but matte nails and lips are a must for autumn/winter. 

N is for Nails– £20 a fortnight for shellac nails? Oh okay then….

O is for Online– I’ve recently found so many beauty bargains online. Examples are a £52 Too Faced palette on eBay for £15 and the discovery of Cult Beauty has saved me a small fortune (Morphe 30 colour palette for £23!)

P is for Primer– If you’re like me, you’re very lazy with primer, but I have to admit, I’ve been using it a lot more lately and it really does mean my make up lasts longer throughout the day. If you’ve never tried it, give it a so and compare. 

Q is for Quick Fixes- Again, if you’re anything like me, you’ll need to take make-up to work (after crying a lot). However, taking you’re entire make-up kit is a bit extreme. I normally take just concealer and a sponge to cover the patches and any spots that may appear throughout the day. 

R is for Repairing Shampoos– I literally live by these. My hair would probably have all fallen out by now, or look like a crow’s nest. 

S is for Sleep– A good night’s sleep is the most important beauty tip I can give. Beauty sleep is no myth, people. 

T is for Time Out– Sometimes it’s important to let your face and skin rest. Give yourself a day or two off per week or fortnight to let your skin breathe without make up. 

U is for Utilise!- Try and make it last, it’s not cheap, y’know!

V is for Vegetables– Okay, not just veg, but a healthy diet in general. 

W is for Water– As well as a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water is great for skin. I personally drink gallons in a day so have very good skin as a consequence. 

X is for Exfoliate– Not quite an X, but really? My fave exfoliater is the Soap and Glory Scrub of your Life, featured in my last post (Bath Time Pampering). 

Y is for You– Nothing is more important than you time. Time off from work and family and responsibilities to relax. 

Z is for Zen- Quiet and sleep and relaxation with your fave products is the most important beauty tip I can give you. 



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