Blogtember Day #18- Bath Time Pampering! 


Who doesn’t love a good bath? I truely don’t understand people who don’t bathe and who live their lives just having showers…

I thought I’d share with you some of my fave things to use in the bath. *DISCLAIMER*- its mostly Soap and Glory.

So let’s start with the Soap and Glory stuff, shall we? 

So the two products in the middle, I use first and they are the body wash and the Clean on Me shower gel (I know it’s not a shower, but it makes a great alternative to soap and leaves my skin super soft). I then use the Scrub Of Your Life body scrub, but only some times… I love this one so I try not to use it too much! I love the feeling of the scrubbiness and feel so exfoliated and soft after using it. And finally, I use the body butter after getting out of the bath just as a final moisturise. By the way, I don’t use these products every single day of my life, only on special occasions. 

Next is the bubble bath, and this is a simple one. So I normally go for Impereal Leather or something fancier, but I was shopping in Lidl one day and thought I’d try their own brand. Honestly, not gonna lie, this is just as good as any top brand bubble bath and it smells amazing. I will never again waste my money on fancy bubbles. 

Onto hair, and this is one of my faves, but, again, only for special occasions (once a week to be exact). This is my Bleach Blondes shampoo by Lee Stafford that I bought when I went ombré. It’s really good for keeping blonde tones blonde (and not letting them go yellow, or green… eeek!) It’s bright purple in colour, so looks kinda scary, but don’t be afraid. It’s a life-saver. 

Next up is my usual, trusty Tresmmé conditioner. I buy these little ones from Primark for 90p and they last me for about two weeks. I don’t use very much as I have quite short hair. So it’s perf!

Annnnnd finally, this one is, again, just for a bit of pampering. I was reccommended this by my hairdresser as my hair is sooooo damanged from bleaching, straightening, curling, blow drying (you name it). It’s a sixty second treatment that you just apply to the damaged parts, leave for a minute and wash out. It is amazing. It literally fixes damaged hair and makes it so soft and lovely. I got this online. So worth £5. I also bought a mini tub to take on holiday…. love

Hope you enjoyed this little bath time pampering essentials list!



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