Blogtember Day #15- My Favourite Bloggers and Vloggers



So it’s day 15 of Blogtember, and I thought I’d share with you my blogging and vlogging inspo’s and my fave people to watch and engage with online. If you haven’t heard of these people, go and check them out. GO NOW!!


1. Zoe Sugg. (Zoella).

I mean, everybody’s heard of Zoella, right? She is possibly one of the most famous YouTubers out there, but her blog is frikkin amazing too. I think I am one of the few Zoe fans who got into her blog before I started watching her YT videos. I think she is so inspirational, especially to other women who are suffering from anxiety (me), but she’s also just super-fun to watch. I love to see what she’s wearing, her make-up looks, and her interior decorating is the shizz. But generally, I love to see what she’s just getting up to on a daily basis. Everything she does seems so fun and I just want to be her friend tbh.



YouTube: Zoella     Blog:     Twitter: @Zoella      Photo from:



2. Poppy Deyes.

On the Sugg/Deyes Family theme, I am absolutely obsessed with Poppy Deyes’ blog. She’s my blog inspo fo’ sho’ (sorry). I love her minimalist designs and posts, and her love of food is shared (by me). Her site seems so cool, even though her posts are very minimalist, I love to see her outfits, what she’s eating, where she’s travelling and keeping up to date with her life in general. Also, her insta stories are always worth a tap.



Blog: – Instagram: poppydeyes – Photo from:



3. Mark Ferris.

I found Mark’s YouTube channel through (you guessed it) Zoe… Her vlogs with Mark were hilarious and their friendship and laughter is so infectious. I checked out his channel and immediately hit subscribe. I love his ‘sit down and talk’ videos which are, more often than not, discussing serious topics like sexuality, mental health and bullying, but somehow, he makes it lighthearted and enjoyable to watch. He’s just such a lovely person, and this comes across in his videos- and i don’t even know him! Just love ‘im.



YouTube: Mark Ferris – Instagram: markyyferris – Photo from: instagram/markyyferris



4. Emma Millard. (It’s Em Channel)

I first discovered Emma when I was searching for videos on YouTube of a hotel I was going to stay at in Kos. I wanted to see what the hotel was like, and I came across a vlog of someone’s entire holiday at that hotel. It was Emma’s vlog, and I absolutely loved it. Honestly, it’s still my fave vlog of her’s and I must’ve watched it about twenty times, because now it reminds me of my holiday! Emma blogs/vlogs about beauty, fashion and general life and I absolutely love everything she posts. She’s beautiful and lovely and it really comes across in her vlogs and blog posts. They just make me feel so cosy when I’ve had a bit of a crappy day.



YouTube: Its Em Channel – Blog: – Instagram: itsemchannel – Photo from: instagram/itsemchannel



5. Sofia Gall. (So Fia)

Sophia first caught my attention when I was searching for ‘around the world travel’ vlogs. She is an amazing YouTuber and ‘cancer fighting genius’, in her own words. Sophia is truly inspirational and gorgeous. Her vlogs are so easy-going and relaxed and I mostly love seeing her do her make-up, as she does it so well and always end up looking stunning. Her around-the-world trip was so enjoyable to watch and she totally deserves everything good that comes her way. Not only is she incredible, she’s also a super-talented YouTuber who has really great beauty and lifestyle content, whilst also appreciating every single viewer and subscriber. She’s just a joy and I love her lots.



YouTube: So Fia – Instagram: sophia.gall – Photo from: Instagram/sophia.gall


Hope you enjoyed reading about my fave bloggers and vloggers… These are the people that make me happy when I’m sad and I just love them lots. I would love to hear about your favourites and, if you want to, go and check out mine! 🙂




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