Blogtember Day #14- Get Ready With Me!



Tonight, I am going out for my Grandad’s 74th birthday meal. We’re going to a Pierre’s restaurant, so I thought I’d share with you my getting ready to go out routine! 

I don’t get many opportunities to dress up, but I love it, so I’m just going to go for and if I’m OTT, then I don’t care. The dress I’m going to wear is a khaki green, mid-length one with a netting over the top of a shorter under-skirt. I saw it in H&M and absolutely fell in love. It was £25, reduced to £11, and when I took it to the till it had been reduced even more to £4! £4!!!!! I know. 

Make up! My fave bit. I’m going to be using my Tarte Rainforest of the Sea foundation, just because it’s more shimmery and a fuller coverage for a night out, rather than my usual daily Rimmel. 

Powder is so important on nights out, because the evening shine on the forehead is never a good look. Also, I find that the smile lines are much worse with a full coverage foundation, so the powder just sets them a bit. 

Highlight and contour is also very important. You want controlled face shine and shadows, am I right? 

Evenings out are a great excuse to go completely overboard on the shimmery eyeshadow. And I am not holding back. This is my W7 Palette (which I feature in my every day make up routine). The sparkly pink and champagne shades are always a must. 

With mascara, I usually wear my Natural Collection waterproof one during the day, but evenings out call for the Collection false lash effect, bright pink mascara. Ofc. 

Eyebrows are also equally as important (possibly the most). My Collection brow powder is a life saver and I just love it’s effect and I will love it forever…

Onto hair! And I decided to go for a wavey look by lightly curling it with my tongs. This never usually works, but when it does it looks better after a few hours when they’ve fallen a bit. 

Annnnnd I’m ready! 

Hope you enjoyed getting ready with me!



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