What’s In My Travel Make Up Bag?



A few weeks ago, my family and I went away for a few days to Startford-Upon-Avon. I realised that, although I don’t go on many holidays abroad, a travel the UK quite a lot and stay away for just a few nights at a time. Going away from home for one or two nights can be a challenge when deciding what size bag to use, what to take with you, and what make-up to pack! 

I’m going to share with you the things I decide to put into my make up bag when travelling for a few days/nights at a time. You don’t want to haul around your entire make up collection with you, but you still need the essentials, BUT WHAT ARE THE ESSENTIALS I hear you cry! Well, these are mine…

Firstly, I take a different make up bag with me, as my usual one is much too big. I’ve got this cute little Beauty & the Beast one which came from Primark. It’s the medium size one. 

Foundation. I take my daily-use drugstore Rommel foundation with me, as I don’t want to take more than one bottle with me, and I don’t usually need my ‘going-out’ foundation. This Rimmel one covered all basis when you’re packing light. 🙂

Concealer. Obviously I need to take a concealer! I sometimes put this little Collection one in my handbag when I’m away, because I may be out for a long time and might not have a ‘base’ to get back to to reapply a full face of make up. 

Highlight and Contour. I have this duo highlight and contour palette by Collection. But I think if I didn’t have this compact little palette then I probably wouldn’t take any highlight or contour as it’s not really an essential (shhhh!)

Blusher. Gotta add some definition to your face, wherever you are! This is just a tiny little ‘natural collection’ blusher- my go-to!

Mascara. I tend to pack my Natural Collection waterproof mascara when I’m going away just because it’s not as full-on as my usual Rimmel false lash one. Also, if you’re caught in the rain, it’s not going to be running down your face! 

Eye liner. Sometimes I will pack my Soap and Glory liquid eyeliner because it’s a good substitute for eye shadow! I’ll also pack a simple pencil eye liner that I use on my lower lash-line. Simple and every-day but gives a good effect and a smokey eye look. 

Brow powder. Instead of taking my brow gel or pencil, a brow powder is a much more simple way to go. This is a Collection pressed one in a tiny little pot. 

Brushes. I will usually only pack a little wedge sponge for foundation and concealer application, a big brush for highlight and contour and a small angled brush for brow powder. Simple! 

I will sometimes pack a little eye shadow palette, but only if I know I will be going out or if it’s an essential, but usually it’s not and the liquid eye liner is enough. 

Hope you enjoyed this post, I’d love to know what you pack in your travel make up bag!

Emily xoxox

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