Debenhams Make-Up Haul and Favourites!



So although I haven’t been posting much, I really wanted to do this one…

Recently, I was gifted a Debenhams voucher and, I’ll admit, had absolutely no idea what I was going to spend it on. I never ever ever shopped in Debenhams. HOWEVER, the make-up counters on the other hand….. (*smug emoji face*).

Here are a few things I picked up whilst there. I haven’t included everything I bought because, I’ll be honest, not all of what I bought was actually that good. So I’m only going to include the stuff I absolutely LOVE.


1) First of all, the most beautiful item anyone can ever buy with £39THE TOO FACED SWEET PEACH PALETTE. There is absolutely no denying the pure aesthetically pleasing beauty of this palette- AND THE SMELL. It is beyond belief. The colours are all gorgeous and, honestly, I would wear them all (obv not all at the same time), which is a bold statement for me! Whether you are going for a pinky look (which I generally do go for a nude eye shadow), or smokey, this palette has it all. Well worth the money in my (SHIMMERY AND PEACHY) eyes.



2) Next, I’m barely moving away from 1)… ANOTHER TOO FACED PALETTE!! This one is the TOO FACED NATURAL LOVE EYE SHADOW PALETTE. And I will apologise in advance. This product is SO BEAUTIFUL, but unfortunately, a lil bit pricey at a whopping £52… Though actually not bad on the scale of things. And totally worth it, let me tell you. I am a massive sucker for champagne, pinky and neutral shimmery tones, so this palette is just perfection. Personal faves are the ‘Bunny Nose’ and ‘Love Bug‘ shades. And ‘Fairytale‘ is a beaut too for more of a ‘going out’ shimmery gold shade! 🙂 GUYS I THINK I’M IN LOVE.




3) Foundation! And I needed just a new foundation that I was familiar with- I’d just run out but I didn’t want to just have my ‘every day’ Rimmel 25 hour. I wanted to have a back-up for a fuller coverage for nights out and evenings etc. So I decided not to go for a super pricey one and stay sensible. I went for an oldie, but a goodie- the BENEFIT ‘HELLO FLAWLESS OXYGEN WOW’ LIQUID FOUNDATION. This is a great full-coverage long-lasting foundation, and I personally love it because of it’s dewyness (although does require powder in flash-photography-WOW EW). I find it’s not heavy on my skin and doesn’t make me feel all cloggy (nice word…) You know what I mean though. And only £29. An ol’ reliable!




4) Brows! I desperately needed an eye brow product/tool/SOMETHING other than the eye shadow I was using to fill in my brows. Tbh I’m not even angry about doing that- I find that some of my fave eye brow products to fill-in have actually been eye shadows applied with an angled brush. Anyway, I thought I’d treat myself to a proper pencil. This one is the URBAN DECAY ‘BROW BEATER’ PENCIL AND BRUSH. It comes in at £16 and does the job. It’s great at filling in the gaps and making your brows look darker, which is what I’m all about…



5) Concealer is always a tricky one for me. I am still, and forever will be, obsessed with my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, which is great because its PERF and only like £5 in Boots. But I thought I’d try out a new brand. The BOBBI BROWN INSTANT FULL COVER CONCEALER caught my eye and, I’ll be honest, does the job. It was £23, however! It’s nice and smooth and dewy, which means I don’t have to powder under my eyes because this concealer already brightens in itself. But I may find it hard to be dragged away from my trusty Collection! D:




6) Lips, and I pushed the boat out with this one. I honestly had no idea what to go for so took a bit of a leap. I’d seen a few people raving about ‘lipglass’ by MAC. This one is the VERSICOLOUR STAIN, and I went for the shade ‘Long Live the Night’, just because I love a nude. It cost £18.90 and, I’ll be honest, was not a disappointment. Have to admit, it doesn’t stay on for as long as a few others I’ve tried by NYX or Kylie Cosmetics, but it’s a lovely shade and shimmer and it really feels like I have nothing at all on my lips! In fact, sometimes I forget I’m wearing it and smudge it all off by accident… Just me? Whoops.




7) AND FINALLY, TOOLS! So, I’ll be honest, this one did not come from Debenhams… their brush sets in Debenhams were HUNDREDS OF POUNDS! (Well, maybe not hundreds, but they were a lot of money and, tbh, a lot of the brushes I didn’t need, so didn’t really need to be spending that kind of money.) I found this set online from ColorPop, which I believe is an American Company (or Australian, I’m not sure… their pricing is in dollars). This set cost me $78, approx. £60. The set includes a Large Powder brush, a Blush brush, an Angled Face brush, a Stippling brush, a Fan brush, a Small Fluff brush, Small Eye Shadow Shader brush, Medium Eye Shadow Shader brush, Blending brush, Tapered Blending brush, Pencil brush, and Angled Eye brush. This set really is value for money and I find that there is a brush in this set for anything, and I mean ANY THING. Even though this set isn’t available on the high street, it’s easy to find on their website:


Really hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to do a post about! Also, let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you think, or if you’ve found any other products you think I should try!

Lots of love,



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