My Everyday Make-Up 



I thought I’d share with you my everyday make-up look. Just a disclosure: this is in no way a tutorial, I do not consider myself an expert in anyway, and most of my make-up is high-street drugstore make-up, nothing too fancy! 

Well, let’s get on, shall we? 🙂

So my routine starts with moisturiser, the one I use is Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream, just because I find it so refreshing and it stops my skin from feeling right at the end of the day, woo!

Okay, onto foundation! I use my fave ‘lil liquid foundation, which is the Rimmel Lasting Finish, 25 Hour. This is in the shade 100 Ivory (obv because I’m like a ghost, but I am embracing my ghosty-ness). I can’t say that this foundation stays on for 25 hours, not that I’ve ever tried it, but it deffo lasts all of the day. And it only costs £5.99 from Boots- what more could you ask for?!

Concealer! I use the Collection Lasting Perfection, ultimate wear concealer. Now this one claims to last 16 hours, and probably does! I just put this under my eyes to cover dark circles and on any imperfections, and blend with a sponge. Oh, and this is the shade Cool Medium, 2. 

Next, onto the highlight and contouring…. It took me years to be brave enough to try contouring, but after a little practice it’s not so bad :)))) The highlight and sculpt kit I use is the Collection (again, biggest fan here) Contour kit. It even has a guide on the back, showing you where to put the highlights and contour, which is super helpful to me!

(((Blusher, this is an optional one. In this look, I’m not wearing blusher, but in the winter, or even in summer when I want to look bronzer, I’ll use a spot ‘o Collection Pink Cloud blusher. Oooh.)))

Okay, eye shadow, which is a thing I’ve started to use a lot more often lately. I used to spend hours trying to get the perf eye-liner flick, but tbh I can’t be bothered in the mornings, and in the summer it just melts off anyway. So eye shadow is the way to go, it would seem. My go-to palette is the W7 Colour Me Nude, Natural Nudes palette. LOOK AT THE PRETTY SUMMERY COLOURS. The colour I’m wearing here is Bad Manners. 

Still on eyes, mascara. I love a clumpy mascara because I like to feel like I actually have some on. The one I use is the Collection (surprise, surprise) Volumising Mascara 10X, Extra Volume. I love this mascara because it’s so bright that it’s super easy to find in your make-up bag! However, this is the least-waterproof mascara I’ve ever known so if you’re looking for a non-smudgy/ black cheeks after a shower, maybe don’t go for this one…

Annnnnnd eye liner! I’m a sucker for my ‘lil trusty pencil eye line for my water-line. However, sharpening pencils is a pain, right? I mean, who has the time?! So this one from Collection (this is getting ridiculous, this post should just be a post about Collection’s make-up) is a twisty one that you just twist up when it gets a little low. Perfect! This is the Lasting Colour pencil in the colour 1, black. 

Brows! The most important part of your face tbh. I have never really got on with brow products… I just find them awkward and ALWAYS the wrong colour. As I said, I’m no pro and this will probably offend some of you, but I like to use eye shadow to fill in my brows… soz. I use a little angled brush and the Collection, Eyes Uncovered, Nude Bronze Palette, and the shade Nutty. 

Finally, lip gloss. I use the W7, Mega Matte Lips, because WHO DOESN’T LOVE A MATTE LIP? I know I do. A lot. Also, a nude matte lip, urgh (praising hands emoji). 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 This is the shade Two Bob. Beaut. 

The brushes

Left to right: eye brow filler/shaper. Foundation brush. Blending brush for eye shadow, blusher/contour brush. 

Well, that’s all folks! Hope you liked this look, lemme know what you thought!

Lots of love,

ElectricEmily xoxox

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