New hair! 



So this week is half term, and believe me, nobody loves half term more than teachers do. So I decided to treat myself to a ‘lil me-time and promptly spend a small fortune of my hard-earned moolah on a new do. I say ‘new’, it’s basically what I’ve been nagging the hairdresser for for over a year now. “I WANT TO BE BLONDER!” Well, hurrah, the blonde-on-blonde-on-blonde has finally paid off (at the expense of luscious non-straw-like locks). Je suis blonde! And I love it. I also have had part of the straw cut off, woo! 

Hopefully you like it too, lemme know! Anyway, just a quick one today all about my hairdresser adventure (4 hour adventure, it’d better be worth it!) 


Au revouir, my friends

Stay cool

ElectricEmily xoxox

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