I loooooved my outfit today, so I thought I’d share with ya! I am starting to care more about what I’m wearing lately, but not care, if you know what I mean? Well, I am finding myself thinking ‘what am I going to wear tomorrow?’ But at the same time, I want my look to seem effortless…. thrown together… with messy hair (mainly because I genuinely can’t be bothered with my hair). Anywho, let’s get on, shall we?

If you live in the UK you’ll understand that these past few days have been so sunny, but not particularly warm. Therefore, long sleeved tees are my fave right now. 

The t-shirt

This long sleeved tee (it’s three-quarter length actually) is like a baseball shirt but it’s a Queen (the band) merch t-shirt, from TruffleShuffle.com and cost £10. 

The jeans

Most of my outfits are head-to-foot Primark, but today is not so much- CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! However, these jeans are. They’re ‘mom’ style and high waist. I’m loving these right now, and only £10! Bargain. 

The jacket 

This bomber is quite last-season if I’m honest but I still love it. The embroidered flowers on the front are my fave. This one is from New Look. It was a balmy £30 but I managed to get it in the sale, because of it’s out-of-dateness!

The shoes

The classics. White converse. From Shuch. £35. Nothing left to say. Wardrobe staple. 

The sunglasses

I love these super-cute tortoise-shell round sunnies. Primark, of course, £2; can’t go wrong. 

The hair

Granted, not part of the outfit but I love this hairstyle. Two little space buns. Here’s a quick how-to:

  • Make to pony tales either side of your head. 
  • Just like you would with a bun, twist the hair into a spiral either side, but do one side at a time, obvs. 
  • Twist the twisted pony around the base and secure down with a clear elastic. (Do both sides)
  • You might need a few bobby pins to secure down some escapees. 

Hope you loved my outfit as much as me! 

Stay cute

ElectricEmily xoxo

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