My In-Flight Travel Essentials


Not long now until the summer and holiday season! So I’ve decided to share with you my essentials for travelling and holiday (mainly because I’ve gone a bit cosmetic/in-flight essential crazy! Those miniatures are just too cute!) 

Okay, so first of all, I went to Superdrug and picked up a set of three transparent cosmetic bags, a small, a medium and a large one. These cost me £5.99. 

So I started on the small cosmetic bag first, which I’ve allocated as my ‘personal pharmacy’. I won’t be taking this little pharmacy/medical bag with me on the flight, as I’ve taken some of the essentials out and put them in my carry-on bag. So far, there isn’t much in this one. My holiday’s in June, c’mon, noone’s that organised!

So far it’s just a box of Gaviscon, should anyone get indigestion from all the holiday food, paracetmol tablets and some Nivea Sun Protection lip balm. 🙂


Now, onto the in-flight carry-on cosmetic bag. This one will be going in my rucksack which will be my hand luggage for the flight. I should just note that everything in this bag is under 100ml so is allowed to be taken onto a flight under the UK restrictions. 

First of all, I’ve got some anti-bacterial hand sanitiser, which is essential when travelling, especially in places like airport and on the plane, where germs are everywhere! The one I’ve got here is the Soap and Glory Hand Maid hand gel. 

Secondly, some tissues. Simple, but you never know who might need a tissue around you, or you probably will. I know I will definitely spill something down me at some point. Defiantly an essential. 

Next up, deodorant. You may not need to bring roll-on with you on the flight but I think that it just freshens me up a bit after a long flight. Although, I also have a spray on in here so I may take this one or the other. The roll-on I have is the Dove original, and the spray-on is a miniature Impulse True Love body fragrance in the scent Freesia and Tangerine. 

The next thing I have in my essentials is chewing gum. The one I’ve got is Wrigley’s Extra White. I find this one super-important, because aeroplane breath is a thing!! And it’s awful. 

Next is my concealer, and in the bottom right corner there is a little blending sponge. This will just be useful for under my eyes after the long day travelling, I may want to re-apply some cover-up after the flight, but probably won’t be wearing a full face of make up, so this will be enough just to make me look more awake! My concealer is the Natural Collection liquid concealer in the shade Natural, and the sponges are from Tesco for about £1.29 for 4.

Finally, I’ve cut a few pain killer tablets off and put them in there as this is the only thing that will be accessible while flying. I’ve also put in a fold-up hairbrush which also has a little mirror in it when opened up, so I will be able to check my face and make -up and reapply my concealer when needed, and with a mirror!


Finally, this is my large version of the three transparent a bags. This one contains all of the things I will use of holiday, such as shampoo, conditioner sun cream etc. I’ll just show you what in it, shall I?

So let’s start with the obvious, toothpaste and toothbrush. I have a toothbrush case which I’ve had for ages, and I just bought a normal toothbrush which I only keep in my travel bag. I have also got some Colgate Max White toothpaste, this is my usual toothpaste but they also sell it in a smaller version,which is great for travelling. As well as this I’ve got a travel sized 95ml bottle of Listerine Mouthwash. 

Next, shampoo and conditioner. I am taking with me a small travel sized version if John Freida’s Sheer Blonde conditioner, which looks like this:

My usual shampoo, which I’m bringing is Tresemmé, and I am also taking the conditioner of this. 

Staying on hair, I’m taking the Tresemmé Heat Protection spray which also comes in a miniature 60ml spray. I also am taking my beloved P.S Love Your Hair volumising spray, which is from Primark and cost me £2, but I love it so much! 

If you’re going to a sunny place, then you’re going to need sun cream, obviously. I’ve gone for the Nivea Protect and Moisture factor 30. And, just in case this doesn’t work too well or I miss a spot, I’ve also packed some tesco’s own After-Sun. 

And finally, the nitty gritty in there is a box of plasters, because I’m always getting blisters from rubbing shoes! And some clear elastic bands for tying my hair up with. 

I realise how boring this post may be, but I am so excited for holiday that even buying clear elastic bands is exciting to me right now! I hope this has helped you in some way to decide what to pack or maybe it’s made you realise something you’ve forgotten. Either way, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and wherever you’re off to this year, or not, 


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