So I go to London quiiiiiite a lot, last weekend’s flying visit wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. But, that’s not to say it wasn’t super-fun!! My best friend had an Open Day/ Recruitment thing with Camp America so I pretty much had the whole day to explore, woo! First off, it was SO COLD in the shade. But it was weird because later on in the day I actually sat on the wall outside Buckingham Palace and read my book for about an hour and it was warm! Anyway, I don’t want to dedicate a whole blog post about the great British weather…. I explored Covent Garden in the morning (before it got warm- I’m still on about the weather), I got my mum’s birthday present and promptly had to dash into Waterstones to warm my hands. And buy books, obvs. And to top it all off, when my friend was all finished with her recruitment thing (she got a place, yay!), we even managed to squeeze in a GBK, and to find ourselves among the Women’s March at Trafalgar Square, standard. It was just a really fun and relaxed little weekend in Londres, even discovered Nando’s Take-Away. What a time to be alive, right?! Consequently, I was v tired (because of London, not Nando’s), but cannot wait to go again soon! Sometimes it just nice to go there with no purpose, not for a concert or meeting or interview, just for a lesuirely look around! Do it some time. 

Speak soon,


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