January 2017! What am I up to?

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So I’m asking the question ‘what am I up to?’ mainly for myself, because I have no idea. This year, I’m really struggling to wave goodbye to Christmas #sadface. Being a legitimate Mrs Clause, January is just the worst. If you get the same kind of post-festive blues, here are some tips for you (mainly tips for me because I’m a MISERY!!) 

So today, I am allowing myself the longest lie-in (obviously only do this on a day off, don’t cancel your alarm on a work day, as much as we’d all love that). I went to the dentist last week and my face is still a bit swollen. I treated myself to the fluffiness dressing gown (Peackocks, £20) which has a hood, PRAISE THE LORD, so is like heaven to wrap around my puffy sorry-for-myself face. I have a hair appointment booked for later today for blonde blonde and more blonde just to stop myself from looking so pale and zombie-ish in January, and also for a bit of luxury me-time! 

Okay, so lets face it, maaaaaaybe getting your hair dyed and cut for four hours in a salon may not be the cheapest way to cheer yourself up. But you know what? What else do a treat myself to? Let me have this. Thanks. 

January is that horrible month when we have to go back to work/uni/school. I personally have soooo much uni work to do AND my dissertation is due this year (yaaaay!) ((sarcasm)). In order to wipe the horrors of third year unviserty out of my mind, I am eating and spending and crying and watching lots of YouTube, granted, not the best way to start the year, but you can sympathise, right? 

London next week!! My best friend is going to a Camp America recruitment thing in Westminster and didn’t want to go alone, so here’s my excuse to actually get at least one little tiny trip out of 2017 even if I don’t go anywhere else this year. Viva la Travelodge!! 

Lastly, January has had me hooked to one particular book. You didn’t actually think I’d write a favourites without mentioning a book?! Lucy Christopher- Stolen! What a book!! Lucy actually came into my uni to do a talk about being an author and writing for young adults and she was sooo interesting! Granted, this was back in November but I’ve been very busy, believe me (I think). The book is about a sixteen year old girl who gets abducted in an airport and taken to the middle of the Australian outback to live with her captor. There are so many twists and turns and it’s so captivating. I can’t put it down. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed this not-so-interesting update about my dull little life. A year since DB’s death and I am still no Star-Woman, and still in mourning… but, we’ve gotta get on with life, even if this is it. (:

Lots of love, ElecticEmily 


P.s. Final Jan tip: Hot chocolate is never a bad thing. 

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