Back to the grind-stone


So I haven’t exactly been keeping to my ‘resolution’ of regular posting. I’ve had a super-busy week! I went back to uni this week after having the Christmas holidays off. I’ve had so many ideas over the holidays about what to do for assignments (I’m on a creative writing course), but have since realised that 99% of my ideas would constitute plagiarism, #sadface. Anyway, apart from that it’s just been work, work and more work. In exciting news, I have been searching high and low since I was about 15 for a vinyl LP of David Bowie’s Labyrinth soundtrack. Well, what a challenge! If you can find one then you’re lucky, but the price will put you off buying it straight away (on discogs for £200). So I have a wonderful Dutch friend, who actually lives in Germany whom I met in a queue outside an arena, waiting for Kaiser Chiefs last year. She managed to find a copy of the LP on German eBay, placed a bid for me, and won! 22€, or 16 quid to you and me. She’s having it sent to her and then posting it onto me- I’M SO EXCITED. No doubt I’ll post an excited post once I’ve received it! Anyway, it got me thinking about how exciting I always find it when I finally find a vinyl that I’ve always wanted. There’s just something really special about them. I recently aquired a hot pink vinyl of The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars which is beautiful! 

In other news, I have finally paid for and sorted everything for my trip to Geneva I’m February. Car parking at the airport sorted, insurance, luggage (all the boring stuff). All that’s left to do now is change my pounds into Swiss francs! 

Exciting times!!

Okay, ta-ta for now!



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