Crafty Birthday Idea- Wordclouds!


Friends birthdays are nice, but man is it a challenge to find something to give them that tells them how much they mean to you. I prefer to make presents for my friends, so they really know how much you care. However, more often than not this has been a disaster-zone for me. I am far from creative, especially in the craft department. And if I think something looks cool, my friends don’t get it (note to self: sharpie mugs- didn’t go down well).

My mum actually came up with this one, so credit to her. We both work in a secondary school, she is a librarian. The library had some posters, I don’t know what they’re called, but they’re basically an A1 sheet of book text in the shape of a character or object from the book itself. Here’s an example:


Cool, right? So I got my sister one of these for Christmas- an Aladdin one, £17 from etsy, easy! Anyway, the idea developed into wordclouds. My mum made her friend a wordcloud for her birthday and I thought it looked wonderful!


Step 1. Visit  and click ‘create’ (If your browser tells you that you need to install Silverlight then use Firefox as your browser)


Step 2. Click on ‘Shape’ and chose the shape you want your words to be in.


Step 3. Click ‘Load’ on the left-hand menu. Insert the words you want to feature in your word cloud. Only separate them with a space, you can do as many as you like. The click ‘Submit’ when you’re happy.


Step 4. Click ‘Theme’ in the side menu and choose your colours. Colour pallets that are surrounded by white will give you a white background, which I find easier to work with when printing.


Step 5. Just play around with the design now! You can change the font and orientation, I spent AGES applying a million colours before I chose one.


Step 6. When you’re happy with your design, click ‘Save’ on the side menu. This is where you can even print straight from there. I personally like to click ‘full screen’ at the bottom and print screen so I can fiddle with the size in Paint or Word. (Yes, I still use Paint- I even used Paint to do these edits, so there.)


Step 7. Print and frame! (Here’s one I did earlier) I fitted mine to an A4 sheet and found an A4 frame.

cat frame 2cat frame

Hope this has given you some inspiration for a friend’s birthday, wedding, christening or anything! They’re a really nice thoughtful gift for someone to keep for years as a lovely addition to the living room wall 🙂








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