What A Week!



After many restless nights writing posts for a blog that nobody was reading, I have decided to discard that embarrassing domain name and posts about Justin Bieber that lingered in the darkest depths of the old blog: I am moving on.

This is my shiny new blog! Welcome! So, I’ll get straight into it shall I?

Well, what an eventful week. It all stated off with The Dreaded Back-To-Work nightmare. Although it never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to get back into the work/school routine. I hope you’re all back to normal now and well and truly out of the Christmas mood (Christmas, who?). My first day back at work was a long one. Straight after my work day ended I ran (literally) down to the hairdressers. When I booked my appointment I, without thinking, asked if the salon did ombre, which they did, and somehow, the next thing I knew I was sat in a salon chair with half of my hair on the floor and a plastic bag full of blonde dye on my head. And, it’s fair to say that I starved. Please, if you’re considering ombre, eat before you go! As I laid back with my head in a sink for the third time that day, I could only make out the big hand on the massive salon clock. ‘6 O’Clock’, I thought. Oh, how wrong I was, try seven! I had been there for nearly three hours and my hair was still soaked! Anyway, at first I wasn’t sure about the length (too short!!!), but actually I really like it now, especially the colour. Another thing if you’re considering ombre; ombre is for life, not just for Christmas. Believe me, it takes some looking after. A trip to Boots and £25 later, my hair smells good, is protected from harm and is all-round happy hair(s).


After that super-exciting hair re-vamp, the week just got better! My friend Lucie and I had been discussing a February half-term weekend away (preferably Helsinki, but -22 degrees, no thank you). So, after days of deliberating we decided on Geneva (it’s in Switzerland, me neither). It looks so beautiful and quick and easy to get to. We are also both massive fans of the rock-band Queen and plan to visit the studio in Montreux, on the other side of Lake Geneva. It was the studio where Queen’s final album was recorded and where Freddie found peace and quiet in his final months. There is also a statue facing the lake. I will keep you updated and no doubt do a post on our adventures in Geneva!


And to end, a picture of me outside Freddie Mercury’s house in Earl’s Court which I visited with Lucie in 2013.

Au Revoir




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