Can You Hear Me Major Tom?



My last post was uploaded in the happy knowledge that David Bowie was still in the world. However, since then, the man, the legend has sadly passed away. We all have our personal stories about Bowie, our favourite song and where we were when we heard of his shock death this morning. Frankly, it’s lovely that we all have our own personal Bowie and experiences of him, but nobody can deny it, the man was a king. He was in a club with other Greats who headed the era of timeless music, even continuing until his death. Greats such as Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, John Lennon (I could go on). Personally, I can’t quite believe that the Starman has left us. He always seemed invincible to me. Although I wasn’t even alive when Bowie was in his heyday, I feel like I know him as an artist just the same, his music living on for generations. My favourite Bowie song is Ashes to Ashes, although I’ve always promised to have As The World Falls Down as my first dance at my wedding- Labyrinth being my favourite film! But, as I say, we all have or separate views and experiences of Bowie, so here is an outlet for you to remember him. Let me know about your memories.

Today, we have lost a true legend, a kindred spirit, a soul who has left the world a better place. An influence for so many people in so many different ways, giving young people the opportunity to show their individuality and embrace themselves for who they really are, or whoever they want to be. As in The Man Who Fell To Earth, we won’t accept that Bowie has died, he has simply returned to his home planet. May he be happy and healthy there- he deserves it.

The stars will look very different today.

May God’s love be with you, David Bowie


David Bowie

1976: David Bowie poses for an RCA publicity shot in 1976. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

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